Piotr Wiese

Polish composer, pianist, and music producer.

Piotr Wiese is an acclaimed Polish composer, pianist and producer, who focuses on autonomous piano music. Taking to the piano at just 8 years old, Piotr studied at the Institute Of Music and Academy Of Music in Poland. Classically-trained Piotr obtained a Master's Degree in Composition from the University of Bristol in England and has gone on to compose for film and theatre. Original style and the quality of his music enabled him to sign record deals with renowned modern-classical labels: Double J Music (UK), Sonder House (USA), Blue Spiral Records (IT), Ambient Fruits (NL).

Piotr Wiese's debut album Questioning Infinity – a set of short piano concertos composed during his year and a half stay in Berlin was released independently in 2014. Other independent releases - Wiese's second LP Continuum along with two EP's: Unsustained Triptych, Vol. 1 and Sustained Triptych, Vol. 1 - turned out to be a great success. Since then, Piotr has released a series of singles, and EPs. He composed for The Hygge Collections Vol. 1 - a compilation by notable artists.

With an ever-growing fan base on Spotify, his music has been played over two million times. His new EP ’Selfless’ - a contemplative piano-led collection is coming in May 2020.

'The piano of Piotr wanders to and fro, but always seems to blossom into an ethereal soundscape.' -
Santa Rosa Records

'His phrasing allows for the right kind of air and space between each new development. It’s wonderful.' -
EarToTheGround Music

New music coming soon.
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