Release date: 13/02/2018

Piano: Piotr Wiese
Mix & Master: Piotr Wiese
Artwork: Piotr Wiese
℗ © Piotr Wiese

'Valse Mélancolique is a track off Piotr’s latest album, Continuum—a modern piano piece that’s just absolutely magnificent.' -
Jesse Gilmore, Santa Rosa Records

'Every once in a while an artist just nails the title of the song and Wiese has done that here. This song absolutely feels like walking in fog. It is simultaneously calming as well as terrifying. What could be out there? At any moment I could be under attack… yet the fog lays over the ground with such grace. It looks so calming and comfortable. The articulation on each piano note feels just like this. It’s delightfully calming, yet in the uptempo sections you’ll feel some genuine urgency.' -