Piotr Wiese Solituned


Release date: 26/02/2021

Piano: Piotr Wiese
Mix & Master: Double J Music
Artwork: Piotr Wiese
℗ ©Double J Music

"At the start of 2020 I shut myself up in an old house deep in the woods, where I had a chance to live and compose for 3 months. This is how 'Solituned' was born. The word 'Solituned' did not exist in any language, but when it first came to me I was amazed how well it accompanies the EP. My experiment taught me to experience solitude and get attuned to it. Solituned is when you see the space between you and everything else getting bigger, to the point where you are consumed by it, and there is just you drifting in the middle of dark, empty, chill space. After some time you find this state comforting. I hope my music will bring you this same kind of comfort."