Sustained Triptych, Vol. 1

Release date: 22/10/2018

Piano: Piotr Wiese
Mix & Master: Piotr Wiese
Artwork: Piotr Wiese
℗ © Piotr Wiese

Description: All what 'Sustained' is about comes from a single, simple rule - sustain pedal has to be pressed through the entire piece of music without changes. It results in ambient deepness, natural, cathedral-like reverb, soft, blurring the boundaries effect. It implies harmonic simplicity, therefore texture and melody become the most important part of music. When every single note is prolonged endlessly its meaning becomes a foundation for everything that comes next. In such scenario, changes have to be gradual – evolutionary. Just like in the world of living organisms – our world. I always thought about music that it has to be a living thing, it has to be a representation of nature and as such, it needs to embody the element of life.